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NuGreen is now able to provide ‘Lighting as a Service’ to its clients

NuGreen have partnered with the world leaders in connected lighting Signify – Philips to deliver the next advancement in LED Smart Lighting. Customers, after the last few years of Covid in particular, are looking for solutions around occupancy levels, air quality, people movement, flexible “hot desk” availability, air sterilisation and other technologies that NuGreen can deliver.

These outcomes no longer have to be done via Capex but as a service model based over 3 to 5 years with easy monthly Opex payments. The upgrade, analysis, data management and ongoing reporting is done incorporating their individual Energy Dashboards showing carbon targets, air quality and other relevant information.

connected lighting

Data & analytics provide companies with valuable insights into the built environment they occupy. NuGreen turns that data into measurable outcomes.

Benefits for your business

Cost savings

Predictive maintenance

Occupancy & space optimisation

Improved carbon footprint

Improved work environment (lighting & air quality)

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Take full control of office lighting across one building or your entire property portfolio. A dashboard delivers insight into lighting usage, so you can make data-based decisions to optimise lighting and reduce associated costs.

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Gain an in-depth understanding of lighting energy usage across your office space. Use these insights to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

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Set light schedules or dimming programmes to deliver the right light at the right time, improving employee comfort and performance. Enhance well-being by supporting personalised lighting control via a smart phone app.

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Where exactly is the nearest free workspace or meeting room? What about the coffee machine? Or the IT help desk? Interact Office uses the lighting infrastructure and real-time occupancy data to guide your employees wherever they need to go. Hyper-accurate indoor navigation opens up a host of additional applications and improves employee performance and experience.

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Manage your facility’s lighting maintenance more efficiently. Remote diagnostics allow for planned predictive and swift reactive maintenance, while firmware and software updates can be installed automatically.

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