Universal College Of Learning (UCOL) Block 9 Lighting Upgrade

After the successful delivery of the initial Interact Pro lighting system into Ucol’s Block 2 in 2020 – NuGreen and Aotea National Services were re engaged by Ucol to consider the opportunity of updating legacy lighting in Block 9 – home to the culinary and early childhood education faculties – to a Interact pro system.

The legacy lighting in this block was very tired – with many failed lamps, interesting mounting locations and outdated luminaire choices present throughout much of the block. NuGreen considered re formatting the lighting infrastructure where possible – as well as a synchronisation of the lighting types in order to achieve a cohesive look and feel across the hole building.

Pairing these aesthetics with the proven Interact control functionality has enabled teaching spaces to be personalised – as well as optimising the performance of the infrastructure. Staff members have been empowered to control lighting parameters through a phone based App. Unique scenes have been loaded in certain areas like the restaurant to provide better ambiance – achieved through dialling in unique light levels for each luminaire in the area.

The great thing about the system is that it is totally configurable – so in the event that teaching spaces evolve in the future – all lighting outcomes can be reconfigured to suit – which is great for future proofing the infrastructure for UCOL.

The achieved energy savings delivered by the project were in excess of 69% with 85,000 kWh of energy saved annually – equivalent to 12 households of energy saved every year. This equates to carbon emissions savings equivalent to taking 5 cars off the road every year.


KWH saved per annum


Equivalent average households saved

NuGreen were commissioned by UCOL to deliver an innovative LED lighting control system at our arts and photography block. Their delivery team was professional – working in with our service contractors – Aotea – to deliver the project. The delivered system did everything they said it would and the verified energy savings out performed their forecasts. These improvements to site safety via minimal maintenance are significant for us.
Peter Handcock – Director of Facilities Management

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