NuGreen Solutions specialises in the delivery of commercial and industrial PV solar systems

We can deliver solar systems ranging from 30 kilowatts right up to 5 megawatts that may also include battery and off-grid solutions.

Clients challenged by increasing electricity costs, lack of available gas and company decarbonisation targets are looking to solar as viable alternative energy source. NuGreen also has the ability to help the client with their excess generation and has many utility relationships to ensure a fair and reasonable “export” tariff rate. There are many financial models to help ensure the client gets the desired outcome. They include “Power Purchase Agreements”, capital expense and finance / lease to own options.

Solar Models

PPA – Power Purchase Agreements

These are a project delivery model under which the solar roof top asset is owned and operated by NuGreen Energy with the client buying the generation from the roof at a competitive rate for 10 to 15 years typically. The main advantages of this model are that the client receives the “green offsets”, doesn’t have to capex the asset and also doesn’t have to maintain the asset. Once the contract term is over the solar roof top asset transfers to the client or the project can simply be remodelled to extend the PPA.


This option may suit building owners that also occupy the building. The main advantage of owning the system is that once the initial payback milestone is achieved then all profits go to the owner.

Finance / Lease

NuGreen Energy have relationships with major funding partners that can offer “green loans” that can be used for financing or leasing the asset over a 5 to 10 year period. The main advantage of this is that the client maybe able to create better cashflow from much earlier in the life of the system.

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