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Take A Look At This 1MW Solar Project for Nexan’s in Taranaki

It was once a quiet empty paddock, and now it’s full of energy potential… guess who is building Taranaki’s latest solar farm in their very own backyard?

Nexans Solar Project, in partnership with NuGreen Solutions New Zealand and helrimu.co.nz, has a 1MW generation capacity, and is only the 2nd Nexans plant worldwide to install solar generation!

It’s just another way in which Nexan’s demonstrate our ongoing commitment to sustainable electrification.

Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting for Decarbonisation Goals

Commercial buildings in New Zealand currently use 21% of the electricity generated within an individual building on average, there is opportunity for a 20 to 25% deduction in electricity use once the baseline has been established.

NuGreen Building Services specialise in the delivery to its clients of advice and services regarding Carbon Footprint base establishment, WELL Building Standard, Green Star rating, NABERS rating and Emergency Lighting compliance.
Use of building standards is becoming more common in both New Zealand and Australia we expect demand to continue to grow. The expertise for many of these standards is provided via our extensive partner network. NuGreen are able to work with the client and build dashboards to enable smart decision making and prioritisation of capital expenditure.

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End to End Energy Solutions

NuGreen Energy was formed to deliver total energy solutions to commercial and industrial clients across New Zealand and Australia. Our engagement process identifies opportunities for clients to realise energy savings, create a decarbonisation plan and dramatically reduce ongoing maintenance costs. Our mission is to deliver 10,000T per annum in carbon offset to our clients via solar generation and energy savings.

NuGreen’s model is based on “concept to completion” that incorporates audit, project management and post upgrade measurement and verfication. NuGreen was formed in New Zealand in 2015 and is backed by some of the best known names in the Industry.

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Some of Our Projects

CHT Healthcare Trust

Peter Baker Transport (PBT) LED Lighting Infrastructure

Universal College Of Learning (UCOL) Block 9 Lighting Upgrade

Smart and Connected LED Solutions

NuGreen have partnered with the world leaders in connected lighting Signify – Philips to deliver the next advancement in LED Smart Lighting. Customers after the last few years of Covid in particular are looking for solutions around occupancy levels, air quality, people movement, flexible “hot desk” availability, air sterilsation and other technologies that NuGreen can deliver.

These outcomes no longer have to be done via capex but as a service model based over 3 to 5 years with easy monthly opex payments and ongoing reporting including carbon targets, air quality and other relevant information.

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