NuGreen and Tether Partnership Helps to Revolutionise NZ Companies’ Decarbonisation Efforts

Exciting Collaboration Announcement!

We are thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration between NuGreen ( and Tether (, set to revolutionise the way New Zealand companies approach their carbon footprint goals and decarbonisation efforts.

Tether, renowned for their expertise in intelligent buildings, is changing the world with their cutting-edge building performance platform. By harnessing advanced IoT technology, Tether collects and analyses data to provide revolutionary insights, driving their mission to make every building healthy, efficient, and sustainable. ♻️

NuGreen, a leading sustainability solutions provider, believes in a product agnostic approach, offering clients the best opportunity for “best in class” outcomes. With strategic relationships with major global and local manufacturers, NuGreen delivers tailored solutions that meet clients’ unique needs and goals.

Through this collaboration, NuGreen and Tether aim to empower New Zealand businesses with the tools and insights they need to achieve their environmental objectives and drive sustainability at scale. By leveraging Tether’s intelligent building insights and NuGreen’s product agnostic approach, organisations can make informed decisions and take tangible steps towards decarbonisation.

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