Project Savings


KWH saved per annum

14.82 tonnes

Carbon saved per annum


Equivalent average households

Auckland City Council - Massey Park Aquatic Centre


Massey Park Aquatic Centre, located in Massey Park South Auckland is a local recreational leisure centre owned by Auckland city council.

NuGreen were asked to review the facility, with a view of assessing the repair of the current lighting system as well as to assess the compliance of the light levels for public safety.

After a review of the site NuGreen identified a significant opportunity to reduce the power consumption of the legacy lighting system and also that the facility was operating with below compliant lighting levels.

NuGreen redesigned the lighting infrastructure, using revised tilt angles of fittings and specifying a system with a wider beam angle in order to improve the efficiency and distribution of light throughout the facility.

NuGreen committed to a measurement and verification programme with this project in order to validate the forecasted savings were achieved for Auckland council.

The monitored data and corresponding post upgrade lux audit detailed energy savings of 74% and confirmed light levels improved by up to 350%, with an average lux achieved of 415 lux (against a 250 lux compliance standard).


These results confirmed a net benefit in energy savings from NuGreens forecast of 8.5% and 22% from the forecasted light levels.






Client Testimonial

“Great result and I have had very good feedback from the site re the communication and professionalism of the tradies and Project Manager, good news"

Mark Jones - Aquatic Facility Specialist ACC