Project Savings


KWH saved per annum

230 tonnes

Carbon saved per annum


Equivalent average households

LED Lighting Upgrade for Alliance Group​

NuGreen reviewed the slaughter board at Alliance group’s Lorneville Processing plant as a candidate for an LED lighting upgrade in 2018.

During the lighting assessment it was noted that the light levels were below compliance requirements and the wiring infrastructure was not adequate to re-use. NuGreen proposed a full re design of the lighting and wiring system – however this was not possible due to the complete lack of site plans available as the building’s original framework was built in the 1920’s.

With the help of ENVIVO’s 3D laser scanning technology – NuGreen was able to develop plans for the site which were used to redesign the lighting layout and wiring infrastructure. These plans were then supplied to Alliance to form the “as built” documentation for the slaughter board and have been used for other capital upgrade projects by Alliance.

The resulting modification of the lighting layout optimised luminaire over task critical areas, resulting in higher light levels delivered with 15% fewer luminaire.

The NuGreen delivered system has a solution life of 15 years, compared to the legacy system which required annual maintenance to keep compliant light levels.

The performance of the system improved light levels averaging 30% and up to 200% and energy savings of 64% - a reduction in consumption equivalent to circa 245,000 kWh, or to 35 households energy consumption annually.

"When we came back from our short maintenance shutdown the lighting project had been completed. I walked around the site for the first time and it was like night and then day, it's amazing what proper lighting has done for this area. It was a real moral boost for our team to, they felt their onsite Health and Safety needs were being met and a much brighter space to work in." 

Alliance Site Manager


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