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KWH saved per annum

230 tonnes

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Equivalent average households

The Port of Tauranga - Main Wharf LED Lighting Upgrade


The Port of Tauranga is situated in Tauranga, New Zealand. It is the largest port in the country both in terms of total cargo volume, and in terms of container throughput with container volumes exceeding 950,000 TEUs.

The Port of Tauranga operates 24/7 so the High Mast lighting is a critical part of the infrastructure enabling Port staff to carry out their tasks efficiently and safely. Energy costs are also a key consideration.

So, when the Port of Tauranga engineering staff were considering which company would be suppling replacement light fixtures, the brand agnostic approach of NuGreen Solutions enabled the best suited product to be put forward. The environment at the Port is incredibly harsh – salt laden winds, dust and vibration are all issues that needed to be overcome.


NuGreen Solutions has been involved from an early stage providing lighting design services and sample fixtures to ensure the equipment would meet the required performance and stand up to the environment. We selected products from AAALux which not only withstood the costal atmosphere, but they provide the lighting control options that the staff require.

NuGreen Solutions have worked alongside the engineering staff providing fixtures so the work could be carried out as each high mast was maintained and upgraded.

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