Block 9 Lighting Upgrade

After the successful delivery of the initial Interact Pro lighting system into Ucol's Block 2 in 2020 - NuGreen and Aotea National Services were re engaged by Ucol to consider the opportunity of updating legacy lighting in Block 9 - home to the culinary and early childhood education faculties - to a Interact pro system.

Otahuhu Community Centre

NuGreen was commissioned by council to consider the opportunity to upgrade the lighting at the Otahuhu Community centre, consisting of a community multi-use sports hall, aerobics area, swimming pool complex and library.


The project proved to be a challenge...


Britomart Group -

Oriental Carpark

Britomart group employed NuGreen to consider an energy efficient lighting solution for their premier Auckland carpark – Oriental on Quay St.

Briscoes Retail Store -

Te Rapa, Hamilton

One of the most significant ways to combat increasing electricity charges and lowering ongoing maintenance costs is by converting from traditional lighting to an LED alternative as the cost and reliability of LED has improved significantly over the past few years. The Briscoes Group have been quick to recognize this across their property portfolio and have undertaken these retro fit upgrades across a number of their sites nationally with Aotea and our sustainability partner NuGreen Solutions.

Untitled design-124.png

Fletcher Steel -

Northern Region Distribution Centre

NuGreen was commissioned by Fletcher steel to assess the lighting format at the site and to specify a turn key solution to upgrade the lighting – as a number of the legacy lights had failed and required maintenance.

NuGreen proposed to change all the luminaire over to LED, specifying a long life solution to give the facility 10 years without requiring additional maintenance. NuGreen did not recommend changing locations of the luminaire as they were already optimal.

LED Lighting Upgrade for Alliance Group

NuGreen reviewed the slaughter board at Alliance group’s Lorneville Processing plant as a candidate for an LED lighting upgrade.

During the lighting assessment it was noted that the light levels were below compliance requirements and the wiring infrastructure was not adequate to re-use. NuGreen proposed a full re design of the lighting and wiring system – however this was not possible due to the complete lack of site plans available as the building’s original framework was built in the 1920’s.

Untitled design-116.png

Auckland City Council -

Waitakere Central Library

Waitakere Central Library was the first large scale LED lighting project that Auckland City commissioned of NuGreen. 

The project was designed as a benchmark of NuGreens engagement level and ability to deliver larger scale projects, which would open the door for future engagements with Auckland Council.

Universal College Of Learning Lighting Upgrade

NuGreen was commissioned through our contracting partner Aotea National Services to consider energy efficiency opportunities for their client UCOL – Palmerston North tertiary institution – part of their service level agreement.


NuGreen delivered the project and commissioned the controls in house to maximise the energy savings by turning luminaire off via sensors when no one is using spaces and by giving lecturers the ability to control the lights via an app on their phones.


The Port of Tauranga 

NuGreen Solutions has been involved from an early stage providing lighting design services and sample fixtures to ensure the equipment would meet the required performance and stand up to the environment. We selected products from one of our global partners which not only withstood the costal atmosphere, but they provide the lighting control options that the staff require.

NuGreen Solutions have worked alongside the engineering staff providing fixtures so the work could be carried out as each high mast was maintained and upgraded.

Untitled design-112.png

Auckland City Council - 135 Albert Street

NuGreen were approached by Auckland City Council to put forward a tender submission for the lighting upgrade project at their 135 Albert St Commercial property – home to the main ACC offices. 

NuGreen was successful in being awarded the project due to our unique approach to reviewing the specification of the project. NuGreen supplied alternative suggestions against the supplied specification in order to maximise cost benefits, without compromising aesthetic look, performance or service life and also minimise the time in motion required to install.

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Auckland City Council - Massey Park Aquatic Center

Massey Park Aquatic Centre, located in Massey Park South Auckland is a local recreational leisure centre owned by Auckland city council.

NuGreen were asked to review the facility, with a view of assessing the repair of the current lighting system as well as to assess the compliance of the light levels for public safety.