Project Savings


KWH saved per annum

30 tonnes

Carbon saved per annum


Equivalent average households

Auckland City Council - 

Waitakere Central Library LED Project

Waitakere Central Library was the first large scale LED lighting project that Auckland City commissioned of NuGreen. 

The project was designed as a benchmark of NuGreens engagement level and ability to deliver larger scale projects, which would open the door for future engagements with Auckland Council.

The project was challenging to deliver, with the legacy lighting infrastructure being T5 (a relatively efficient system to begin with) and also involving a number of different types of luminaire it was NuGreen has to leverage its agnostic approach to specify a solution that delivered on the required metrics of energy efficiency and ROI.

On top of this difficult was access, requiring equipment and all to be delivered whilst the facility and adjoining car park were fully operational and accessible to the public.

NuGreen delivered this project with contracting partner Laser Rosebank with a team of 8 people working through the site. The team delivered the 1400 fittings system in 3 weeks.

Feedback from the site stakeholders was that the contracting team was faultless. The light levels were improved as was the quality of light – which importantly reduced eye stress for reading – important in a library.

NuGreen was also tasked with verifying the energy savings to confirm the submitted business case was realised post project delivery.  To prevent bias – NuGreen commissioned third party EECA credited partner – Deta Consulting to review the energy data and pass comment on the realised savings.

This process confirmed the delivered project realised a reduction in consumption of 47% against a forecasted 48%.


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