Project Savings


KWH saved per annum

71 tonnes

Carbon saved per annum


Equivalent average households

Auckland City Council - 135 Albert Street


NuGreen were approached by Auckland City Council to put forward a tender submission for the lighting upgrade project at their 135 Albert St Commercial property – home to the main ACC offices. 

NuGreen was successful in being awarded the project due to our unique approach to reviewing the specification of the project.

NuGreen supplied alternative suggestions against the supplied specification in order to maximise cost benefits, without compromising aesthetic look, performance or service life and also minimise the time in motion required to install.

This approach resulted in NuGreen delivering the most cost-efficient solution that still delivered the highest possible savings.

This project required NuGreen’s project management team to work closely with council stakeholders and our contracting partner in order to adhere to councils stringent working requirements in an operational facility with high movement.

NuGreen delivered the project on time, on budget and with no reported accidents.

Post project verification analysis confirmed that light levels were compliant in all areas of the car park and verified energy savings of 64%, with 17% attributed to introduced lighting controls.


“NuGreen delivered the project delivered per council expectations. Contractors delivered efficiently and within councils H&S processes, NuGreen’s project management team were all over the project which made it easy for council. We are really happy with the lighting outcomes and the savings that were realised”"

Peter Young, Manager Corporate Property and Facilities